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Baker, Amandon

Born: January 20, 1832 - Died: November 09, 1889
Place of Birth: Andover, NY
Place of Death: Roulette.Pa.
Spouse - Melvina (Buskirk) Baker
Parents - Daniel C. & Amanda (Strong) Baker

Image Courtesy of Larry Johnson

The following is from Descendants of William Baker 1985 by Merl F. Baker: Ghost With Boots Circa 1890 - As told by Clasa Stillwell - Cleo Legacy

The Fishing Creek Cemetery is located on the line common to Roulet and Clare township. The first man to be buried there was Amandon Baker, a Civil War veteran. On his tombstone it is recorded that he died 9 Nov. 1890, age 56. Those who knew Amandon said he always wore leather boots winter and summer.

Some of the dead appear to find it difficult to give up earths possessions, even their physical bodies for which they have no need. Such a ghost was that of Amandon Baker, One night Willis Taucher was walking down the road above the cemetery, A man suddenly appeared ahead of him wearing a pair of boots over his shoulder. Willis called to him to wait and they would walk together, but he never turned his head nor paid any attention whatsoever. He walked straight on until he came to the cemetery. There he turned, went directly to the new grave and vanished. Willis was certain it was Amandon. As time went on others saw the same apparition with boots over its shoulder. It always acted in the same manner.

Why did Amandon haunt his grave instead of his home?

Why did he carry his boots instead of wearing them? Was it because he had often done that very thing in the Civil War to preserve his precious boots?

Amandan walks no more, but he is not forgotten. Each year a new flag flies over his grave.
Location: Durward or Finshing Creek Cemetery, North of Roulette, Pa.


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